Content Creators

Below, profiles of selected Content Creators that provide great Epic Seven content to the community

Note: List Order is not endorsement of better vs worse as is randomized to provide visibility to all creators.

If you are an Epic Seven Content Creator and would like to be added or removed from this list, please contact RaphaelDDL#5150 on Discord.

  • JaganX

    You'll find consistent gaming content on his channel: Trials, Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs, Reviews, Banner Summons, and tons of live stream content.
  • Tenha

    Tenha is a Creator that brings latest news of EpicSeven and other games, as well as producing great reviews, opinions and tips. He's korean but all his videos have English both spoken and written, which is awesome.
  • Grass Angel

    Provides great tutorials, insights and reviews.
  • Mogawty

    Mogawty is a mobile game channel & influencer. He sometimes plays a PC game here and there, but the main focus is on Android & iOS games
  • Shotgun Shogun

    Focusing on mobile games, he plans on bringing a bit of everything revolving around the mobile gaming sphere! Gacha pulls, unit overviews, live streams, and more!
  • GameCraze K Gaming

    K Gaming's channel is all about games & some Skits of himself. He'll upload Personal Fav. Game, Recent Korean Game Reviews, Recent Popular Game Reviews
  • Max Numbers

    John a.k.a. MaxNumbers; As the name would suggest, his YouTube content is all about doing the math so that he can bring people information that'll help them improve their game-play. And though efficiency is great, he also does like to do oddball off-the-wall things :D
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