★ EpicSevenDB Important ★

Dear Heirs,

As we've shared on our Twitter (link to thread) in July, the game security was changed, therefore it must be bypassed yet again in order to get latest data for you. Since we made the choice of making our data source being mined data (E7DB API v2, as v1 was manual entry), there's nothing much to be done at the moment.

There are some ways of acquiring data but they don't allow to easily extract all data and all languages to feed the API properly, so it would be troublesome and incomplete.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but until we find a viable solution, the website will not be updated.

In the meantime, we are working on both making a new layout and DBs for other games. E7DB will also move to the new layout.

It'll be hosted on https://gacha.center (work in progress).

Best Regards,
E7DB Dev / Gacha.Center Dev


  • Rarity

Level 30 Stats:

Attack 234
Health 91

Level 11 Skill:

Increases Critical Hit Chance of the caster by 10.0% after making a critical hit. Effect can only stack up to 3 times.


The swing of his axe was unstoppable; his enemies becoming an ever-growing pile of corpses. Written by Reingar Media Club [Special Edition: Testimony of Ancient Weapons 6, 44p]

version 1.8.5